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Mini display to 3 in 1 converter


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About the product
NAMEO Mini 3-in-1 Display Port DP to DVI VGA HDMI Adapter Converter Cable for Apple MacBook, iMac, Mac Book Air/Pro and Mac Surface Pro Multiport Cable Converter Hub (White) Compatible Models: Mac Book Air, Mac Book Pro, iMac, and Mac mini with thunderbolt ports since 2011 are all supported Mac Book Air, Mac Book Pro, iMac, and Mac mini or PC with mini display port are also supported. Specif, ication: This 3 in 1 Mini displayport adapteris used to mirror laptop content to the VGA/HDMI/DVI compatible HDTV or projector. You could switch the output mode as yur demand. Mini Display cord input, connect Mac Book, Mac Book Pro, or Mac Book Air. DVI output connect the DVI compatible device by DVI cable. HDMI output connect the HDMI compatible devices by HDMI cable. VGA output connect the VGA Femal devices by VGA cable. Input Signal: Mini Display Port 1.1a Output Video: HDMI/DVI/VGA Input: Mini Display Port Male 20pin Output: HDMI Female Type A 19pin or DVI Female (24+1) or VGA Female 15Pin Vertical Frequency Range: 50/60Hz Video Amplifier Bandwidth: 2.25Gbps/225MHz HDMI/DVI/VGA: 480i/480p, 576p, 720p, 1080i/1080p External Power Supply: No external power needed Power Consumption (Max):700mW Total Length: approx. 25cm/9.84 inches Note: 3 output port work exclusively. Please make sure if your Mac has one of the following two kinds of port: mini DP port and Thunderbolt port. How to Use: The product is easily and conveniently use, with three output ports:DVI VGA HDMI and a Mini Display Port. And you can use one of them at a time as your demand, when you want to use the DVI output, you just need to connect the DVI devices using a DVI cable. And when you





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