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Systematic classification of research


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This book is thoroughly written, researched and entirely plausible because it carefully looked into the types of classification of research by taking into consideration so many phenomena. The process taken in classifying the types of research in the book is done in a way that has never been done before because the author used new ideas, methods and professional experience. The author, Professor Umar Lawal Aliyu for the first time unveils the 20 R’s of Research as the most vital reason why research is very important.
If you are a student, researcher or teacher, seeking knowledge on the subject matter, then this book will certainly be a treasure to you. The book is good news to you because it focuses on facts with specific examples that give a very good answer that outlines and explains all types of research with their characteristics.
The book also shows how the author tremendously explained the types of classification of research as one of the biggest accomplishments ever done in explaining the subject because the skills shown in this accomplishment clearly portrays exactly what every student, researcher or teacher will be seeking to know.
Umar Lawal Aliyu

Umar Lawal Aliyu

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