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12 litre yam pounder


₦ 37,500.00

₦ 50,000.00-25%
About the product
This multipurpose Yam Pounder is a kitchen appliance which makes cooking swift and fun. It helps in the cooking and pounding of yam, slicing of vegetables, blending of tomatoes, pealing of beans effortlessly. It helps to make cooking faster, because it makes difficult tasks very easy and fast.

Why should you go through stress before enjoying your favourite pounded yam. Why not let this superb food processor and yam pounder handle the stress for you. And sit back and enjoy afterwards. No more annoying lumps in your pounded yam. With this amazing food processor, you are guaranteed of the same taste and feel each time. It is just like the traditional mortar and pestle wielding pounding. This Yam Pounder has the ability to cook and also pound the yam afterwards.

With its unique design, there will be no discoloration to your yam, no smell and no change in taste. This technology can both cook and pound, and can keep your pounded yam warm before serving for consumption. The testimony of this product abounds and statistics show that users can’t tell the difference between using this item, and the traditional or conventional mortar and pestle.

See what makes it unique below:

Food Processor & Yam Pounder
Durable and Convenient: High quality material, it is easy to clean. You just need to rinse with water and wipe it off with a towel. It is very durable and strong.
Saves time and effort: The stainless steel blades are very sharp, powerful and strong. They can chop different foods in a very short time, this saves a lot of time.
Non-slip base: The thoughtful design enables n you stir the food, perfect to make pounded yam.
Multifunctional and Practical function: The multi-functional electric food processor and cooking machine, can be used as a yam pounder, vegetable cutter, an ingredients mincer, a sauce mixer, a fruit blender, etc.




Yam pounder



Okunubi Oyindamola Shukurat

Okunubi Oyindamola Shukurat

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