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Powder of pestilence, crossing powder, black magic


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About the product
Powder of Pestilence may be used in rituals that involve revenge, bringing an enemy down, and/or causing an enemy great misfortune. This powder is carefully crafted to instill the feeling of "crawling things" (the feeling of bugs crawling on the skin, ultimately leading to someone breaking down mentally from fear and stress, to even causing insanity). This powder can be used in spell jars or use our way - with an enemy's photo - add the powder to the center of the photo, fold three times and tie with black string or ribbon and bury near or in a cemetary/graveyard.

This extremely powerful powder is composed of many different types of insects and other crawlies with a pinch of authentic graveyard dirt for added power. Only a tiny bit is needed when in use. The powder is tightly packed in a 5ml glass vial, a pin can be used to help move the powder from the jar to where you need it to be.

Not for ingestion, do not attempt to eat*

You will receive one (1) 5ml vial of authentic Powder of Pestilence as pictured
Ani Emmanuel Ugochukwu

Ani Emmanuel Ugochukwu

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