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Wellosophy meal replacement for weight control


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About the product
Wellosophy Meal Replacement for Weight Control Shake Chocolate Flavour is a tasty, convenient and sustainable solution to help you lose weight – and keep it off* – for the long term! The formula, with natural ingredients, has been created by our nutritionists to help you control your calorie intake without missing out on any of the nutrition your body needs!Mixing 25g of powder with cow’s milk or soy milk alternative** creates a delicious, satisfying shake, that is nutritionally equivalent to a healthy, balanced regular meal – in a controlled portion, with controlled calories! Simply replace two main meals a day with a shake to lose weight*, or one main meal to maintain weight*. What could be easier?202 kcal per serve mixed with 250ml 1.5% cow’s milk238 kcal per serve mixed with 310ml soy milk alternative**Plant-based recipe suitable for vegans and vegetariansHigh in proteins from pea and faba beanSource of dietary fibre from faba bean, corn and chicoryFortified with 23 essential vitamins and mineralsSunflower oil high in the omega-6 essential fatty acid, linoleic acidNo added sugar – sweetened with natural origin Stevia sweetenerGluten freeNo artificial colours, preservatives or sweeteners, non-GMOCreated in Sweden25g per serving. 21 servings. 525g. Say goodbye to punishing diets!Maintaining a healthy weight is challenging in our modern lifestyles – it’s so easy to consume more calories than we expend so losing excess weight is difficult – and keeping it off can be even harder!Many diets promise incredible results but they may cut out important food groups, involve complex preparation, or be so restrictive that they are simply punishing. That’s why so many diets are hard to stick with for the long term, and you often end up putting the weight straight back on again (Dulloo & Montani, 2015). Demoralising and demotivating to say the very least. You deserve better!A healthier way to your healthy weight!Research has shown that people who use meal replacements tend to be more successful at reaching and sustaining their weight loss goals (Astbury et al. , 2018)!  Easy portion, nutrition and calorie controlEasily controlled portions of meal replacement help you manage your nutrition and calorie intake in an easy way. Structured sustenanceStructured eating, portions and nutrition sustain energy through the day, helping to keep you feeling full and resist the temptation of unhealthy foods. Easy to fit your lifestyleAs meal replacements replace a regular meal and are easy to prepare, they fit easily into your lifestyle. Add exercise for optimal resultsTry to incorporate regular exercise into your lifestyle – people who increase their physical activity levels tend to lose more weight and are more successful at maintaining that weight loss (McGuire et al. , 1999). A minimum of 30 minutes a day of moderate–vigorous exercise is recommended to support weight loss (Rosenkilde et al. , 2012).
Adetimehin Esther Adeola Adeola

Adetimehin Esther Adeola Adeola

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