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High quality satin paint


₦ 82,350.00

+ ₦ 3,800.00 for delivery within imo, and + ₦ 8,000.00 for delivery outside imo. "Note: Sellers manage all deliveries, including setting fees.

About the product
Kemarts paint is one of the best quality paint you can trust.
Majority of our clients who are in abroad will always refer us to Dulux paint. Of a truth Dulux paint being a foreign product is a quality paint no doubt about that, nevertheless Kemarts paint being produced here in Nigeria is more Quality than Dulux reason because they still dwelling in the glory of the past and have gained the market popularity thereby no longer pay attention to quality like we do.

Majority of the buildings and designs we have down here is now competing with what we have there in abroad, yet built and designed by our local engineers and architects. This is because times are changing and our people are now advanced both in quality and productivity.
We want to assure you that if Dulux paint can give you 4yrs guarantee of their product, we shall give you 7yrs and more.
As a matter of fact our products are meant to be more expensive than Dulux paint but because we are yet to take over the market as they have, hence our price is cheaper than them.

We have the best Paint designers who studied Arts and painting designs like i did as a person with good characters and integrity.

Allowing us to do your job is a guarantee of rest and good investment in the right direction.

Kemarts paint within the 10yrs in existence has delivered over 300 contract with proofs of evidence of satisfaction from clients and have gotten majority of it's contracts from referrals from client who have experienced that our own can also be trusted instead of foreign products.

It may surprise you to believe that in all these over 300 contracts successfully delivered, non has had any issue nor has the owner complained of not being satisfied by our service even after 10yrs. Some has had reasons to repaint just because they feel like giving their building a new look haven't lasted for decades.

All our clients and customers trust and can refer us because they know we came into business with quality, integrity and transparency and you are about to experience same.

Give us a trial today by allowing us to give you the best service ever and thank us later. Infact there is no way you wouldn't thank us after delivering your job.
Don't further delay, just give us a call today and place your order because it's first come, first serve
Kemarts Paint And Design (quality And Durability.)

Kemarts Paint And Design (quality And Durability.)

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