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Teaching philosophy statement 2


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The book "Teaching Philosophy Statement" is carefully written and exceptionally good for both teachers and students as it will improve their teaching values, beliefs, and goals to a great extent by providing them with a set of criteria or standards that will help them put right the quality of their teaching efficiently and effectively.
The book is excellently written with the highest quality and degree about teaching philosophy statements. The author also succinctly suss-out all the essential elements conducive for learning and criteria that are used to judge a teacher's values and goals.
The author also explained and justified in the book that the behaviour and attitude of a good teacher can only be felt through logical reasons, philosophy of teaching and learning (rooted in an academic discipline of immense scope) and social relationships that are essential for competent decision-making in the classroom.
As a teacher, your goals must be correctly used in the class environment with every necessary tool of teaching philosophy in order to inspire the student’s through self-reflective teaching beliefs and practices.
Concisely, a teaching philosophy is based on a set of assumptions that add up to some sort of philosophy in both students and teachers through cooperation that will activate full students learning physically, mentally, emotionally, and socially.
Umar Lawal Aliyu

Umar Lawal Aliyu

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