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Some unsolved ocean mysteries


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As most of us know, the ocean is a large mass of salt water that covers between continents of the world with an enormous area nearly three fourths of the earth, which apparently makes our earth become mainly a water world with more than seventy percent of its surface covered by oceans.
Thus, a vast amount of known and unknown mysterious non-life and life lurks around the ocean and the author carefully peels back the layers of those conceptual and unsolved mysteries surrounding the ocean that will reveal and unveil to you some startling of the two-thirds of marine life mysteries that remain unidentified and obscured.
With over seventy percent of the world’s surface covered in the world ocean, then there is a huge amount of things about the global ocean still to be known which is full of solved and unsolved mysteries about this vast watery desert. For centuries and even millennia that human beings have been trying to discover the great unknown around the world, nowhere offers so many unknowns, in a relatively accessible place, as the ocean.
It is in the light of the above intriguing escapade that the author wrote this book in order to apprise and entertain the reader in a very interesting, engrossing and fascinating way. Concisely, the book is top-notch and exceptionally good with an astounding memoir of the world ocean, filled with solved and unsolved mysteries that will captivate you.
Umar Lawal Aliyu

Umar Lawal Aliyu

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