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Impact of motivation


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The paper presents the Impact of Motivation on Worker’s Productivity because motivation plays an important part in an individual's behavior. In fact, motivation is an important life skill because it aligns you to work towards your goals. Motivation shows how anyone's life condition may be improved through an understanding of its mechanism because motivation can positively impact the world around you. If Steve Jobs was not motivated to start Apple, you would not have a Macbook air, iPhone or iPad. Therefore, you need to read this book.
This paper is addressed to educators, executives, students, trainers, government, administrators manufacturers, entrepreneurs etc. because motivation builds self-confidence, builds trust among workers, clarifies a goal, fights against fear, increases output, inspires others, pushes through setbacks, sets priorities in life, teaches perseverance and overall, integrates through all aspects of human endeavors.
An understanding of motivation, as one of the basic factors that influence behavior will help provide for better means of motivating the complex behaviors of people with varied mental abilities, and physical and emotional make-ups.
Umar Lawal Aliyu

Umar Lawal Aliyu

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