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9kg dcp fire extinguisher


₦ 19,500.00

About the product
9kg DCP fire extinguishers are ideal for large spaces, such as warehouses, manufacturing plants, and construction sites. They can also be used in residential homes, especially where there are higher risks of fire accidents, such as in the kitchen or garage. The extinguishers come with a pressure gauge that enables users to monitor the level of the extinguishing agent, ensuring that it is always ready for use. They are also fitted with a discharge hose and nozzle, making it easy to aim and spray the powder over the fire. The sales of 9kg DCP fire extinguishers are crucial in promoting fire safety and preventing fire-related accidents. With their versatility, effectiveness, and ease of use, these extinguishers provide an added layer of protection for people and property. It is important to note that proper maintenance, inspection, and training on the use of the extinguishers are necessary to ensure their optimal performance in the event of a fire emergency.
Ebenezer Olanrewaju

Ebenezer Olanrewaju

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