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FarmlineFoods Ginger Drink is 100% organic powdered drink manufactured by a credible Nigerian company. It comes in variants such as O'PURE which is essentially 100% ginger, O'Choco which contains ginger, cocoa and sugar then O'CREAM that contains milk, vanilla and sugar. Its health benefits ranges from - Boosting Immune System - fighting infection - Cures indigestion - Relieving one of menstrual cramps - sharpening the brain - preventing toothache and decay - improving blood circulation and lowers the risk of stroke - energizing the body - reducing bad cholesterol - detoxifying toxins - normalize blood pressure - aiding sound sleep - relieving pain and inflammation - relieving nausea - etc. It's a great product for general health enhancement. There's been testimonial from customers to stating the wonders of this organic product. A pregnant woman testified to this product relieving her of nausea another got pregnant after years of waiting. Another got immediate comfort from adverse pain that lasted for weeks. ..

Jenny Odogwu

Jenny Odogwu

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