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America honey whisky - 75cl


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About the product
American Honey – 70cl is an exceptionally smooth liqueur blended with pure American honey and real Wild Turkey Kentucky Straight Bourbon, perfect served chilled straight from the freezer or over rocks, it is the sweeter, smoother side of Wild Turkey.

Wild Turkey American Honey is an award-winning whiskey, American honey was named the World’s Best Whisky Liqueur three years in a row. It is an exceptionally smooth liqueur made by blending it with real hand–selected American honey for natural sweetness. It has a smooth, unique taste and distinct aroma.

An extremely smooth blend of the Wild Turkey Kentucky Bourbon and pure honey, it is distilled at Wild Turkey distillery in the United States of America. It is well known for the sweet splurge of honey that graces the taste buds.

On the nose, it is soft, bright, and clean with aromas of Eucalyptus, honey, menthol, baked bread, and cornmeal.

It has a gentle and soft mouthfeel and goes well with ice, it has notes of orange, sweet honey, and caramel; It has a balanced taste and displays a flavor profile of lemon zest, honey, and spice.

It has a balanced, clean, and pleasant finish with the clean and soft honey texture lingering.


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