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Gemini cdm 4000bt player


₦ 400,000.00

About the product
UNIFIED MIXING SUITE: This dual cd player integrates with a mixer for a seamless DJ experience. Its compatibility with CDs and USBs, paired with Bluetooth connectivity, caters to all your mixing needs.
INTUITIVE MIXER INTERFACE: With touch-sensitive controls and versatile mix table capabilities, this cd mixer dj player combo is a dream for DJs refining their craft, minus the complex setup.
DURABLE PERFORMANCE GEAR: Suited for the booth or the road, this rackmountable gemini cd player is built to last. It’s the reliable cornerstone for your DJ turntables and mixer package.
CUTTING-EDGE SOUND CONTROL: Craft mixes like a pro with instant cueing and fluid loops. This digital turntable dj setup comes with pitch precision and tactile wheels, essential for live and studio sessions.
CONNECTIVITY FOR EVERY VENUE: RCA and mic inputs, alongside headphone outputs, offer flexible connections. This standalone dj controller and mixer is ready for any setup, be it a mix table or a full DJ booth.
Oluwaseun Oyedokun

Oluwaseun Oyedokun

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