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Penis pumping machine


₦ 55,000.00

+ ₦ 2,000.00 for delivery within abuja, and + ₦ 2,500.00 for delivery outside abuja. "Note: Sellers manage all deliveries, including setting fees.

About the product
1. Penis enlargement - the penis pump is used to generate vacuum suction and stimulate the blood circulation of the penis

2. 3 Pressure setting - allows you to select the appropriate level according to the specific requirements. It provides a feeling that without our equipment, it is difficult to produce by manual work alone.

3. Safe use - vacuum physiotherapy is a safe and effective method for men to form penile erections without harmful side effects.

4. Simple operation - only 2 buttons, pressure control and exhaust valve are required for easy operation. The advanced automatic penis pump is designed to effectively generate suction and release pressure.

5. Skin friendly material - honey game box penis expansion device is made of high-quality, skin friendly, medical grade silicone and ABS

6. Get a new masturbation program

Experience a new feeling

7. Pumping creates a vacuum and increases the blood flow into the rooster, which may be beneficial to patients with erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation and impotence.

8. Warnings and tips

Do not use the maximum pressure setting at the beginning. As you become more comfortable, gradually increase the pressure. If you feel unwell, stop using immediately and release the pressure. It is recommended to wear silicone rings to prolong the pumping effect. The pumping time shall not exceed 15 minutes each time, the waiting time shall be 24 hours between each pumping, and the time of using the equipment shall not exceed 3 to 5 times per week.

9. Packaging and specifications
Imespace Ventures

Imespace Ventures

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