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22 kva ecotech fuelless generator


₦ 550,000.00

About the product
*PATRONIZE ECOTECH FUELLESS GENERATOR*Ecotech Fuelless/Noiseless Generator is Now Available In Nigeria, 6kva, 8kva, 12k 15kva. Call OR WHATSAPP:: Mr/Mrs Bamidele Blessing FOR MORE INFORMATION AND ENQUIRIES ON:- +2347036046910KVA’s and PRICES:6kva N100, 000 8kva N150, 00010kva N200, 00012kva 230, 00015kva 280, 00018kva 350, 00020kva 450, 00022kva 550, 00025kva 650, 00030kva 750, 00035kva 900, 00040kva 1.100, 00045kva 1.500, 00050kva 2.000, 00055kva 2.400, 00060kva 2.800, 00065kva 3.500, 00070kva 4.000, 00075kva 4.500, 00080kva 5, 000, 00090kva 6, 000, 000100kva 7.500, 000120kva 8.500, 000130kva 9.500, 000140kva 10, 000, 000150kva 12, 000, 000AND MORE  NOTE::WE MAKE DELIVERIES TO THE 36STATE IN NIGERIA3years Guarantee and 2years return policy. OFFICE ADDRESS:: 21 friesland road opp josephs college vom plateau state Jos. *DESCRIPTIONS:**This fueless generator is a new source of power that is completely safe, free and efficient, the durability and design is Top notch. This generator, is unlike every other generator doesn't have an engine which consumes fuel/gas and makes noise. Instead of an engine, it has a DC motor battery which is powered by a dinamo engine and 12volts 75Amps battery apnd recharges itself as its Operating it also have a pasonal steep dawn. Like the 6Kva generator you can use to power your home, office or shop. You can use the following gadgets. 2 numbers of 1hp each Air conditioners, 1 refrigerator, Electric cooker, Microwave oven, TVs, and other regular home appliances Or the Equivalent. In order not to overuse and overheat the generator, its advised to be used within 20hours per day as to enable long lasting. This Amazing new technology was manufactured in Korea and assembled in Nigeria by a team of experts. with complete accessories and 3 year(s) Guarantee period. 100% tested and trusted. *1. No risk of running out of electrical power2. (3) years Guarantee3. No payment of bill onCALL Mr/Mrs Bamidele Blessing +234 07036046910 for more acquiring. .. .




Fuelless Generator



Blessing Bamidele

Blessing Bamidele

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