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Mk essential oil


₦ 17,500.00

₦ 25,000.00-30%

+ ₦ 2,000.00 for delivery within abuja, and + ₦ 2,500.00 for delivery outside abuja. "Note: Sellers manage all deliveries, including setting fees.

About the product
MK II Penis Oil is conceived to directly load androstenedione estrogen precursor), and other therapeutic herbs to the penile tissues and cells.

This will assist rejuvenate the neuro-arterial synapses for cell regeneration, girth, and increase in the size of the penis.

Ayurvedic herbs that have been revealed to authority the brain and neuroendocrine activities can show to be tremendously helpful and ease soreness from penis bend.

Herbal ingredients in Big Penis possess therapeutic supremacy for the injured. Big Penis (Penis massage Oil) will aid in renewing the fading cells in spongy tissue.

MK II Penis oil acts on the local skin, and also on the inner layer as well as the skin sub-layer.

The skin sub-layer is with capillaries and veins. Big Penis Oil acts on this layer of the skin from the outside in as it gets absorbed.

The penile spongy-structure tissues avert the Big Penis Oil from piercing into the core of the two penile cylinders.

It necessitates a harder erection for the Big Penis Oil to get into the core of the penile cylinders.

The vacant hollow spaces in the spongy tissues are the obstruction of the chemical diffusion (penetration) for the Big Penis Oil.

Substantial filling the spongy tissues with blood will allow the MK Penis Oil ingredients to disperse into the core for curative action and thickening and length of the penis.

Usage: Clean the penis Release some drops of the oil on the penis and massage for 10 -15 minutes twice daily. Ensure to massage until the Penis completely absorbed the oil, stick with 30-50 days. To see notable results, you may need to use about 3 - 4 bottles within the recommended period.

Key Features
Increase in Length and Girth
Thickens the penis
Enhance performance
Promote blood circulation
Make it thicker growth
Improve sexual frigidity and extend sex time
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Imespace Ventures

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