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Ace of spade brut champagne- 75cl


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About the product
Ace of Spades Champagnes are produced in a multi-vintage style with a blend of all three Champagne grape varieties are used; Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, and Pinot Meunier.

The champagne is made in the village of Rilly-la-Montagne, in the Montagne de Reims region of Champagne. The fruits come from the over 30 hectares of grapevine owned by the Cattier family, as well as growers from selected villages across the region.

The grapes are hand-picked, after which they are pressed in a Counard basket press closely located to the vineyards. It is just the very first press of 4, 000 kilos of grapes that are used. This press produces a yield of 20.5 hectoliters of juice (the “cuvée”).

The champagnes are left to rest on lees in the cellars for three years before disgorgement by hand. To give the Champagne its complexity and life, the liqueur de dosage, which is added at this stage, has been aged in French oak casks for years. The wines are usually aged in the deepest part of the Cattier cellar (more than 30 meters underground).

Before bottling, each metalized bottle is finished by hand, with the application of French pewter labels, polished, and housed in a wooden lacquered gift box, ensuring every single bottle is unique.


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