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PriceAva's secret capsule exclusive female body perfection

₦ 11,000.00
About the product
Ava's secret promotes the overall health being of the woman. A boosting libido supplement that helps reverse sexual dysfunction by balancing female hormones, making you able to enjoy your femininity at a whole new level. Formulated with 100% herb. The capsule maintains the health of the woman. It is a premium and effective way for every women to boost their confident. Absolutely safe to consume. In 4 weeks get ready for flat tummy, lovely boobs, sexy body, energy booster, hormone balancing, glowing & radiant skin.

What it does

* Firms the breast and help maintain female health
* Reduces weight gain
* It softens, brightens, clears and hydrate the skin
* Helps regulate menstrual cycle
* Helps to tighten the top vagina, especially for women who have just given birth
* Gets rid of unpleasant Vagina Odour and discharge

Do you want to go up 1 or 2 or more cup sizes and don’t want to spend ridiculously high amounts of money on surgery? This is the king of herbs for you.

Ava's secret contains phytoestrogens which will make your breast look bigger, rounder, and firm. It will also visibly reduce the stretch marks on your boobs.

This is the perfect choice for modern women who want to facilitate self-care and skills. It contains high quality nutrients and ingredients that are closely monitored from the production of raw materials until ready to be packaged in very beautiful and premium bottles. It is exclusively to make yourself like an angel illuminating the people around you.

Some worry about skin problems or weight gain after childbirth. No need to worry after this, also helps women who have just finished abstinence from giving birth. It has been dubbed as Modern Herbal Medicine for Mothers who want to maintain elasticity and beauty like a virgin with smooth and bright skin. Try and feel the effects for yourself


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Elizabeth Akomolafe

Elizabeth Akomolafe

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