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PriceSwift800-pro sdi hdmi wireless video transmission system

₦ 475,750.00
About the product
he Swift800 Pro SDI & HDMI Wireless Video Transmission System from Crystal Video Technology supports up to 1080p60 resolution video and offers an 820' transmission distance with a point-to-point maximum latency of 70ms. The system features an SDI input and loop output, HDMI input, dual SDI outputs, and HDMI output. The dual SDI outputs and HDMI output can be used simultaneously to connect to multiple monitors, switchers, and other devices for a comprehensive workflow.

Alternatively, the Swift800 Pro lets you link up to four mobile devices to the transmitter over Wi-Fi in RTSP mode to allow multi-user monitoring with a latency of 170-220ms. This is done via the companion iOS/Android app, which also allows you to record the video. Both the transmitter and receiver have a DC power supply input, an L-series battery plate, and a USB Type-C port for connecting a power bank. An optional NP-F970 battery provides up to 6 hours of power for the transmitter and up to 8 hours for the receiver. The Swift800 Pro system operates over the 5 GHz frequency band and uses the H.264 codec.

Both the transmitter and receiver have a 1/4"-20 mounting thread on the bottom, and mounting accessories are included for both units.

Key Features
* Up to 820' line-of-sight 1080p60 wireless transmission with 70ms maximum latency
* SDI and HDMI input
* SDI loop output, dual SDI output, and HDMI output
*Up to 25 Mb/s bit rate
* Up to 4 iOS/Android mobile devices can be connected to the transmitter over Wi-Fi for multi-user monitoring and recording in RTSP mode with a latency of 170-220ms
* Multiple power options (transmitter/receiver): DC input, L-series battery plate, and power bank support via USB Type-C port
* OLED screen with status information
* Fans can be shut down at the press of a button
* Companion iOS/Android app
* 5 GHz frequency
* H.264 codec
*1/4"-20 mounting thread on the bottom of the transmitter and receiver
Esteem Media-pro (080-7202-8011)

Esteem Media-pro (080-7202-8011)

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